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There are a lot of aspects in a business that affects the growth of your organization. Quality management, the safety of the employees and the workers, cybersecurity are some of those aspects.

ISO has developed many international standards for the betterment of organizations. Some of the most common ISO standards are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and many more. In the past years, thousands of companies have got their ISO standard certifications. Let us learn in detail about the different ISO standards.

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ISO 9001

Any kind of organization can imply the ISO 9001 standard. It is an international standard and is an amazing business improvement and growth tool. ISO 9001 defines the requirements to form a Quality Management System (QMS) for the organization. ISO 9001 certification has great importance because: –

  • The certification gives your clients proof that your organization puts a lot of effort into providing better quality services. This increases your credibility.
  • The QMS implantation increases organizational efficiency.

Your company will have a QMS. Because of that, your processes will be defined clearly. There would also be no confusion in the distribution of roles and responsibilities. It leads to a reduction in work pressure. Also, it helps in improving customer satisfaction and reputation in the market.

ISO 13485

The ISO 13485 is an ISO-developed standard for the QMS requirements meant especially in the medical device industry. This standard helps in the clarification of the training and management responsibilities among the employees of the organization. Under this standard, the quality management system also includes complaint handling, quality management, and the cleanliness requirements for the products.

The ISO 13485 is counted as a gold standard for the medical industry. Your organization’s QMS will act as an important marketing tool that can fetch you some big opportunities. With the implementation of this process, there would be fewer wasteful activities and errors in the work. This brings more productivity and efficiency.

Is the ISO Certification necessary? 

The ISO certifications are not an obligation for the organizations. It depends completely on the company if they want to be certified or not. If you get an ISO certification, there definitely will be a lot of benefits. Some are: –

  • High productivity
  • Better customer service and satisfaction
  • International contracts and recognition
  • Constant improvement
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