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The Internet today is evolving rapidly, making a great impact on not only people but also large industries’ systems. This rapid change and evolution attract many cybercriminals towards citizens and companies’ personal and valuable data.

Amidst this, the organization which has gained the most interest from these hackers is the defense sector. However, there is one thing that you can do if you’re dealing with the defense sector. And that is getting CMMC certified.


What is CMMC certification?

So, the defense industrial base (DIB) decided to safe-keep their information with much better or well-managed industries, and then the defense industries like you were developed. But this is not only it. The defense sector would trust you to safeguard their information with you if your firm is well maintained and can keep sensitive data safe.

That’s where the CMMC certification helps. So, for enforcing cybersecurity, the CMMC is a consolidated standard for keeping, implementing, monitoring, and certifying sensitive data of DOD on the company’s system.

Why do you need us?

The certification implementation is difficult, and that is what our firm, IQC the ISO Pros of Louisiana can help you make easy. We are professional trainers and consultants that help you know about and achieve different ISO certifications.

Now the CMMC certification that The US department of defense recently launched in the early 2020s has 5-step certification levels created according to the sensitivity of data you can store. Let’s learn more about the certification levels.

The CMMC groundwork.

The 5-step certification stipulations are as given below.
  • 1st level: The basic level, this level only involves steps like regularly checking antivirus in the systems and keeping an eye on the employees. This also includes checking that the employees regularly change passwords for basic protection. This doesn’t include a transaction or public information.
  • 2nd level– intermediate level, this level involves protecting CUI, i.e., Controlled unclassified information. CUI means the information that belongs only to the government or DOD and is not fit to share it publicly.

This can include information about policy or attacks or plans to be implemented and are in progress. But does not contain certain critically classified information.

  • 3rd level- good level. To get to this level, an institution or firm should have the best management and implementation plans. This level includes safeguarding CUI, security standards, and some additional standards.
  • 4th level– this level falls in the hands of companies that can implement, process, and measure the effectiveness and can detect and respond to certain high-level vector attackers Or APT’S, i.e., advanced persistent threats.

These contain next-level, highly trained people that are advanced at hacking through sending vectors.

  • 5th level- this level is given to the companies that are a bit higher and faster than those of the 4th level. They are faster and better in implementing, detecting, and responding to vector attackers.

Now our firm can help you reach the topmost level. Better be the level more be the money and can help your company gain global fame and name.

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